Can I get a redo?

Hi loves! It’s a brand new year and I’m asking for a redo!  It’s so tough to figure out what we want in life, who we are, what we’re meant to do.  I feel like it’s even harder with the large influence of social media.  Watching everyone virtually, what they’re accomplishing, where they are in life, it literally pulls you in different directions, making you question what you really want to do or who you really are.  Life is hard enough to figure out without the extra pressure to be “perfect.”

I keep telling myself I want to blog but i never keep up with it.  I have so much info I want to share from travel tips, to being a mommy, to fashion updates.  Honestly, i think i stopped because its scary putting yourself out there.  I always masked myself behind my work.  A prime example is my instagram account.  I started as my jewelry company name, transitioned into my company acronym with my name, and now finally I am standing on my own two feet and planning to transition into @parisandalatte.  This is huge!  If you are a mom, if you love to travel, if you love fashion, decorating your home, and are just trying to live life, then follow along on my journey.   We can figure out life together.

Cheers to new beginnings!

– Karen

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