France Haul

I recently came back from a 2 1/2 week trip to France.  I was able to visit Paris and Toulouse – what an amazing experience.  So many people were asking me what i bought and I honestly didn’t get to do too much shopping.  The whole trip revolved on doing things that the kids wanted, things that they would enjoy, and experiences that they would remember.  Shopping wasn’t a priority to say the least.  But one day I was able to sneak away for a few hours (thank you mom) and snag a few things.  I of course had to stop by Zara and Sephora.  The 2 stores that I LOVED and can only dream that they would bring here to the US are Bershka and New Look.  I later came to find out that Bershka is under the same umbrella group as Zara.  They are both under Inditex.  Both stores have similar aesthetic except I would say Bershka is more reminicent of the Zara’s TRF line – its younger and more trendy – but still classy.  It’s a blogger’s haven.  The price points and quality are comparable to that of Zara.  New Look I would say – is more comparable to Forever21.  It’s fast fashion, trendy, for lower price points.  I chose key pieces that i felt I could rotate and rework with my existing wardrobe while maintaining an elevated look.  Here’s what I chose.

Zara – biker jacket  – similar here 
Bershka – Pleated skirt 
New Look  – mink 2 pom beanie  (for Alessa 🙂
The rest of my Euro’s I spent on chocolate croissants and nutella crepes ;).

Love – Karen

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