Ice Castles

We got to take the kids to the Ice Castles of MN this weekend.  It was in downtown Stillwater, which in and of itself is a beautiful river town.  It’s main street is parallel to the river so its very picturesque with its quaint boutiques and restaurants.  In the winter it has an even more romantic vibe with the white twinkling Christmas lights adorning the trees. 
The Ice Castle is absolutely amazing.  It’s layers and layers of icicles and ice that you can tell took a lot of skilled artisans to create.  The kids had a blast.  We bundled them up in their snowpants and they enjoyed running around in the snow, sliding down slides made of ice, crawling through ice caves, and more.  My little one could have done without the below freezing weather but she was perfectly happy being nestled in her dad’s arms.  
If you’re in the MN area, it’s definitely worth checking out.  I know they have it in several other states as well. Check it out! Ice Castles

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