Paris and a Latte

Ok my friends – I am taking the plunge.  It’s April, its a new month, and its time to move on.  I’ve officially changed my Instagram name to @parisandalatte.  I chose this name years ago for my blog.  I wanted something catchy but something that was ME.  I’ve always blogged here and there but it was a trip to Paris that inspired me to really do it.  I love traveling and instagram is always my main way of sharing my travels and experiences with all of my friends and family.  I love how the word Paris eludes glamour, fashion, and wanderlust all in one.  Lattes are my core.  I cannot live without coffee.  I am a night owl – there’s something peaceful about being up by myself while the kids are asleep working, reading, relaxing by candlelight.  But that comes with the price and having a HARD time waking up when the kids wake up at the break of dawn.  So coffee and lattes it is.

Thank you again for following my blogging journey.  I love sharing my fashion, my travels, my family, and all things lifestyle with you.



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