Planner Inspiration

So my new infatuation for 2015 is decorating my planner.  Up until now, i have relied on my phone’s calendar and several pads of post it notes to keep myself organized.  But at the end of last year i told myself i would work on my self organization.  So I bought a cute planner from Target and I thought i was set.  Until i was introduced to the unknown world of decorating your planner.  YouTube star, Belinda Selene is well known for posting a lot of content on decorating your planner with different colored post its, washi tape, stickers, etc.  While i don’t necessarily want to go all out, I did think it would be cute to post inspirational quotes or pictures that would keep me happy or keep me motivated throughout the year.  So I went on Pinterest and looked up pretty pictures to put on my own mood board.  I printed these on white labels and stuck them on my planner.  And there you have it – your own personalized planner 🙂 Incase you’ve never heard of this phenomenon before, go on instagram and look up #planneraddict.  You would be surprised at how far people go! 

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