The Modern Boyfriend Jean

Hallelujah!!  I found the best boyfriend jeans for curvy girls!  I’ve always loved the relaxed look of  the boyfriend jean, but I never even allowed myself to try them on because i just knew it would look horrible on me.  I’m only 5’3″ and I’m curvy.  I was at the mall shopping with my girlfriends recently and we went into the Madewell store.  That’s where I saw the sign: Slim Boyfriend jean.  It was literally calling my name.  It might as well have been lit up like Marquee lights.  I beelined for them and tried them on.  It was literally love at first sight.  Its not as baggy as the normal boyfriend jean but it still had that easy look.  It was perfect around my thighs.  It had a little bit higher rise so this covered love handles or potential muffin tops. I started daydreaming about my future outfits: casual looks with my white converse sneakers and a grey v neck tee, dressier outfits with heels and a crisp tuxedo blazer.  My heels!  They literally sit in my closet because I don’t have enough functions to wear them to.  But with these jeans i could wear my heels everyday without looking too stuffy.  It was a little pricey but you know, I’ve been living in them so its so worth it.  So if you’ve been looking for a great pair of more flattering boyfriend jeans – you must try the Madewell ones on.  I did try the Loft relaxed skinny and HM’s girlfriend fit and they are great lower priced alternatives.  Their rise is a little bit lower so its not so forgiving with the love handles.  But if this isn’t a problem then check them out!  Your closet potential will increase significantly.  

Enjoy!!!!! Love, Karen

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