Travel Edition: Savannah

Savannah, a gem of a place in Georgia, will always have my heart. It’s a charming riverside town with cobble stone streets, beautiful historic buildings, serene cemeteries, quaint antique and coffee shops, and distinct park squares around every corner with gorgeous landscape full of bougainvillea and large oak trees with Spanish moss.  It’s literally a scene out of a movie. Everyone is so friendly- like genuinely friendly. 

I’ve been there before with my family as a day trip from Tybee Island where we love taking the kids. But it’s a completely different experience going there with your loved one with no kids. There are so many neighborhoods to explore and walk around. There’s so many great food options. 

We stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Dresser Palmer House on Gaston St. All of the houses on this street are what dreams are made of.  Massive homes with intrinsic details that make them unique. Ours had a long welcoming porch with rocking chairs that just called our name with an afternoon glass of wine. As soon as you enter the doorway, your eyes are drawn to the opulent gold and crystal chandelier right above the foyer. To the right is a pink room with a large marble fire place, an ornate gold mirror on top, and my favorite touch, a black baby grand piano ?.  The bed and breakfast was the perfect starting touch to the trip.

 (A dream of a front porch)
 (living room)
(entry way)

One of the things we take for granted when we’re with the kids is food. My kids are picky and so they’re usually the driving force in our dining out choices. But on this trip, we actually got to eat good food- like amazing, full of flavor, mouth watering, pretty looking food. And we didn’t have to rush! We were able to savor every bite and linger around at the restaurants longer. We ate good this weekend. 

My absolute favorite was Soho South Cafe– which both our Uber driver and our receptionist at our B&B recommended. Wil got the fried chicken and waffles of course, and it was topped with strips of bacon. I mean- how can you go wrong with that. I had fish tacos with fresh battered fish, coleslaw, chopped banana peppers, topped with cilantro and an aoli sauce. I had sweet tea which I always have to have when I’m in the south. It’s just part of the nostalgia. The decor was right up my alley. It was an old converted warehouse with brick walls and beautiful chandeliers, and lots of greenery. The bar area where we ate had teal, tufted stools with silver studs. Amazing right? 

Our first dinner we had a seafood boil at Savannah Seafood Shack over on Broughton St. so we (meaning Wil) got down and dirty peeling our shrimp, crayfish, crab legs, and clams. It was so so good.  

Another great place for lunch was Crystal Beer Parlor.   This one involved pulled pork nachos and a fried grouper Rueben sandwich. ??. 

Our last dinner was a great bar restaurant with great ambiance and great food called Hitch. We had definitely eaten our calories worth for the month in just these 2 days but we wanted to do our last hurrah. 

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Museum of Art.  This museum was a lot of fun to visit – its contemporary art by SCAD alumni and the exhibits were beautiful, thought provoking, and interactive.  

(Art by Jose Parla)

More scenes from our trip:

(Beautiful waterside views)

(quaint cobblestone streets)

(coffee break in the square)

 (Savannah Style)

 (historic cemeteries )
(enjoying glasses of wine in the beautiful 70 degree weather)

So that’s my trip in Savannah in a nutshell.  We only had a day and a half there but it was such a great trip.  My pictures don’t do the place justice at all.  If you haven’t been there yet I hope you put it on your bucketlist because it really is a beautiful city.  xoxo, Karen

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