Yahoo Style and Beauty: Mother’s Day OOTD

Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mamas out there.  It’s the wildest feeling knowing that you’re a mama and that you’re responsible for these little beings.  I keep thinking, this day shouldn’t be for me.  I’m the one who’s lucky that these little ones chose me to be their mom.  What a special job I was given to take care of them.

I got to shoot a Mother’s day segment for Yahoo Style and Beauty and I literally went back and forth on the perfect outfit for the show.  I had a few options that I shot.  You can see the segment here.

And here are the different looks I came up with.  I just feel like as a mom, sometimes it gets so busy and you don’t get to doll yourself up.  Mother’s day is the time you get to spend time on yourself and glam up.  And as different as these looks are, you still feel pretty, classy, flirty, feminine and everything you should feel not only as a mom, but as a woman.

top //  similar skirt // bag

Which is your fav?  xoxo, Karen

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