I always love a good statement accessory.  In the past its always been statement jewelry or even a statement bag.  But lately, I've been obsessed with statement sunglasses.  They are super fun and make you look fab even when you're

We just came back from an amazing trip to the west coast to visit my sister. She lives in the central coast in California right in the middle between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  It is so gorgeous by her

Ok my friends - I am taking the plunge.  It's April, its a new month, and its time to move on.  I've officially changed my Instagram name to @parisandalatte.  I chose this name years ago for my blog.  I wanted something

Hi loves!!So many of you asked me about this gorgeous dress that I wore for my hubby's birthday.  I totally get it because the lace is so girly and fun and I felt like a princess in it. I've seen

Savannah, a gem of a place in Georgia, will always have my heart. It's a charming riverside town with cobble stone streets, beautiful historic buildings, serene cemeteries, quaint antique and coffee shops, and distinct park squares around every corner with

Yay for pedicures and pretty shoes! There's something about shoes that just make you feel so sexy. They don't have to be sky high but they really make your outfit.  I definitely have way more shoes than I should, but

Blush pink is always a favorite of mine.  It's probably the one color that takes up the most real estate in my closet.  I scoured online found some of my favorite pink pieces in staple silhouettes or pieces that I

I always love the changing of seasons.  I'm sure its still too early for a permanent change, but the sixty degree weather we had this week definitely has me dreaming of spring and summer.   Of course a refresher in

I'm sure you don't need any convincing as to why you should pair leather and fur together.  But incase you wanted some fun inspiration, I've compiled a few of a my fav looks that inspired one of my recent OOTD's.

I've been playing around with more layers lately.   Yes, it's practical to wear layers  - especially here in the Minnesota cold - but it also adds interesting dimension to your looks.  I got a few outerwear pieces this season

We got to take the kids to the Ice Castles of MN this weekend.  It was in downtown Stillwater, which in and of itself is a beautiful river town.  It's main street is parallel to the river so its very

I read somewhere (probably pinterest) that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  Think about your relationships.  They greatly affect how you think of the world, of yourself, the decisions you make in